Past & present UK Akita champions
Awaiting some photos

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So this is just the start of the past & present champions, a lot of people will of seen some of the
Newer Champions but not the older ones.
I have sent messages to people but as of yet not had a reply, if you would like to show of your
UK Champions then please send me the details of the dog. Kennel Club Name, dob, sire, dam,
Bred by, owned by & handled by and photo, this is Free courtesy of the Club.
We are adding a brand new page of past and present champions
You might find some of your dogs ancestors
If you want to send in any photos of your UK Champions
We will include Them on our website
The Main Purpose is Too Show The Champions Some People May Never Of Seen.
Ch Stecal's Love At First Sight JW
Ch Oktumi Love Action
Ch/Am Gr Ch Stecal's Billie Jean
Ch Ruthdales Ready To Rule
Ch Stecal's Step Out With Style
Ch Anshee Heads N Tails Over Whitewreath
Ch Stecal's Cool As Ice
Ch Whitewreath Carbon Copy
Ch/Am Gr Ch Argo Stecal's Ami Mignone
Ch Dynamic Force Sharp Dressed Man With Ruthdales
Ch Redwitch Prince Consort At Stecal
Ch Ruthdales Notorious
Ch Brandeezi Quite-A-Gent At Stecal JW
Ch Ruthdales Personal Vendeta
Ch Hikays Sweet Revenge At Stecal
Ch Ruthdales Regime Change
Ch Mandaits Regal Dancer For Kirstadel
Ch Ruthdales Candy From a Baby
Ch Stecal's The Designer At Calridian
Ch Ruthdales Gatecrasher At Otoresu
Ch Dykebar Revenge is Sweet at Stecal
Ch Ruthdales Rampage
Ch Melodor Live Now Pay Later At Dykebar
Ch LSA Aston Martin By Ruthdales
Ch Satrebor Bottoms Up
Ch Ruthdales U Can't Touch This
Ch Satrebor Seriously Sober
Ch Oktumi French Connection For Keskai
Ch Satrebor Cougar
Ch Oktumi Class Action
Multi Ch Satrebor Steal The Moment Ruthdales
Ch Oktumi Laughin Assassin
Ch Satrebor Krazy
Ch Oktumi Valentine at Redwitch
Ch Satrebor Breitling
Ch Anshee Monave Moon Light
Ch Satrebor Sugar Pie
Ch Overhills Non-Imported
Ch Keskai First Class
Ch Overhills Cherokee LiteFut
Ch Keskai Best of British
Ch Calicelesti Reign of Gold SHCM
Ch Keskai Double Dutch
Ch Calicelesti Slaymaker SHCM
Ch Keskai First Love
Ch/Am Ch Tamarlane's Veni Vedi Vici
Ch Keskai Witches Brew
Ch Kitsune Dr No
Ch Keskai Maid in England
Ch Kitsune Fantastic Frankel
Ch Keskai Starlight
Ch Hikays Turning Heads For Ruthdales
Ch Keskai Playin'N With Fire
Ch Ruthdales mr president at Hachibi
Ch Auberge Brandy Witch At Keskai
Ch Ruthdales Upper Cut at Hachibi
Ch Claran Blue Velvet By Vormund
Ch Jackitaskys Black Velvet
Ch Minioso's Bear Balinor at Worthysway
Ch Redwitch Secret Affair At Jocolda
Ch Nosferatu's Kickin Up A Storm
Ch Nosferatu I'm No Angel
Ch Nosferatu Nemesis At Sukari
Ch Nosferatu Artic Fox
Ch/Am Ch Stecal's Remember My Name
Ch Auberge Sir Duke At Stecal
Ch Ruthdales Look Don't Touch At Stecal
Ch Chaslads Captain Cronus